When The News Was Too Intense…

When The News Was Too Intense…

Being over 60 years old, I have never done this before, try to save a tv show!

This show was a great escape during quarantine, when the news was too intense to even watch anymore! This was well written ,funny ,intense and the characters all worked well in those roles!  

Most of the actors I had never seen before, except the parents, but they fit well in those roles!

Why it wasn’t given more of a chance is  beyond me, try a different night or earlier time slot! But cramming it into 9 episodes wasnt enough! We need to see how the characters end up!

Does Lewis finish treatment, do Mateo and Vanessa  end up together! Do they keep the bakery?  

This show was a breath of fresh air at a horrible time for everyone! Wildfires ,a pandemic people out of work ,no schools open, not being able to see your adult children during quarantine! Every day waiting for But wait there’s more ,and not in a good way!

Give everyone more of something entertaining, continue the story! Thanks for listening!!


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