To Grow With Them

To Grow With Them

To the Powers That Be:

The Baker and the Beauty is a cute little show that I really enjoy watching. It takes me away from the normal day to day and brings me to a place where I can join my second family, The Garcia‚Äôs. 

Mari and Rafael are the sweetest couple and the love and support they have for Daniel, Mateo, and Natalie is something every child should grow up experiencing.The interaction between the characters is beautiful. They make me want to join their family dinners, get up and dance, bake with them, and just enjoy life. I feel like I know them, like I am welcomed into their home. 

The storylines for each person leaves you wanting to go on the journey with them.

To grow with them. 

We need our show to continue on for so many reasons. It not only supports the importance of family and values but also diversity. These things are very much needed in our world today.Please help us get our show back. 

Thank you,

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