This Show Is More Than You Realize

This Show Is More Than You Realize

To whom it may concern,

There are no words to describe the possible discontinuation of The Baker and the Beauty. About a month ago, I wanted to sit and type out this letter for ABC executives to read to explain the uniqueness and light this show radiates, but I held off on it because I believed that they would see the potential that has warmed my heart and those of other loyal fans. That the people behind the closed doors of a network would prioritize quality and heart-warming over something as superficial such as viewership numbers. How naive was I to believe in such a thing?

When I first saw the promo, I thought this would be another cheesy oversaturated love story that would be as predictable as Hallmark’s Christmas movies. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The cast, producers, and writers truly deserve an award for making something so special. They created such a multidimensional show that has something that everyone can relate to. Every episode added to an arc that I was more than eager to follow. Trust me when I say I’ve probably taken note on more themes in this show than I probably have on most of my assignments in English lit.

You may be telling yourself that I’m being overdramatic or argue that many shows on network TV display complexity and multilayered characters. That may be true, but these shows also have an order averaging 20 episodes in a season. The real question is: how many shows can effectively address a myriad of hard-hitting topics and issues over the course of only NINE EPISODES while still maintaining its lightheartedness? In addition, Dean Georgaris and his team produced a piece of art that casts a positive light on the Latinx community that has been consistently pushed aside in favor of shows that executives think the people want to see (one can only take so many reruns of Family Feud and The Bachelor).

Even though the closest thing I’ve come to Latin culture is the local Tex-Mex restaurant in my neighborhood and four years of high school Spanish, I and many other people, were drawn in by the display of family love, culture, loyalty, friendship, and laughter that the Garcias portray. It was all pure and heartfelt; it was an emotional remedy that we all needed. And as a minority, I felt proud to watch every Monday night.

Here’s what this show has done for me: I’m a member of the Class of 2020. When COVID-19 came, it was like the world stopped. I went from seeing my friends everyday to not at all. My prom dress is currently sitting in the closet unworn and will probably never be worn. My graduation was cancelled and through March and May, I saw my Dad leave for work to hospital filled with Covid-19 patients because he’s one of the healthcare workers that many of us have fiercely prayed for. Nevertheless, I know that I’m still one of the lucky ones.

Even though my life had changed so much and so quickly, this show brought me the happiness I never knew I needed. It showed me the light that I knew would be at the end of the tunnel. It was the perfect distraction when my dad left for his overnight shifts on Mondays; it helped me get through the week when online school was becoming unbearable; it brought me hope through the months when the rest of my senior year began to disappear.

The Baker and the Beauty isn’t just a show about two people falling in love, it is a mirror that accurately reflects the thoughts, feelings, and struggles of the many. When I watch the show, I see the love that we all strive to have in our lives between Mari and Rafael and Daniel and Noa. I see the dreams that my classmates have in trying to pursue careers deemed “unrealistic” like Mateo. I see the mental checklists we all have for our goals that Vanessa displays only to face uncertainty in our futures. I see the parallels between Lewis and Natalie with their struggles with sexuality and how it relates to people within my own life. I see the struggle between expectations placed and the struggle in achieving what we truly want. And most importantly, I see that fight for the American dream that many immigrants work endlessly towards.

This show is special. I see it, the cast sees it, the fans see it. This show has given its fans so much during difficult times, it’s time we repay the favor. If you’re new, please watch and sign/share the petition. If you work for a network that has the power to save this show, please take in to consideration the show’s magic that ABC clearly failed to see. With all the struggles regarding representation, it is time to place what is needed over monetary means and viewership numbers and put value towards what the world really needs to see on its screens.

Thank you,

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