This Really Does Matter

This Really Does Matter

Dear Hero,

I’m calling you Hero because that’s exactly what the network who picks up this amazing show is going to be to a lot of people.

The Baker and The Beauty is soooooooo important right now! It has it all – good writing, a phenomenal cast, family values, love, diversity, and inclusion, it checks all the boxes and then some for what people all around the world are crying out for.

I realize this is a business and it all comes down to money, but how nice it would be if some wonderful network decided to take a leap of faith and change the system, change the way these decisions are made.T

The Baker and The Beauty comes with a passionate fan base! We have fought hard every day around the clock, and no matter what happens, we’ll always fight for this show. Because it matters in a world where a lot of things don’t matter anymore. This does.

Someone be the hero and save The Baker And The Beauty. Thank you.

~ Roo

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