Possibility, hope, and romance

Possibility, hope, and romance

To The Powers That Be:

The Baker and the Beauty is a show about family, diversity, possibility, hope, and romance. It’s about coming together. Yes, it has a strong LatinX family, and a LatinX cast, which is important right now. There is also a positive storyline about a young girl coming out to her family. You know what it did for my family? It brought us together.

I am a tv watcher. I always have been. I love television. My husband and I have spent many a quarantine day and night binge-watching shows. He was “thrilled” to see the commercial for The Baker and the Beauty two weeks before the first episode aired. He knew I would be watching, and he, in turn, would be watching as well. Honestly, most of the time, we “listen” to tv shows. We are exhausted from work, and we turn something on, and we look at our phones. A show rarely grabs both of our attentions. Then we started watching The Baker and the Beauty.


I am a preschool teacher, and my husband works in video games. I am a romantic. He is a realist. Did I mention we watch, I mean really watch this show TOGETHER? He reminded me every Monday night that we had a new episode. We watched it in real-time, AND we put our phones down to watch. We laughed and cried with the Garcia family. We rooted for Daniel and Noa for eight weeks. We cheered together at the finale.

The Baker and the Beauty has shown me possibility. I look at the Garcia family, and I see a family where “the love is understood” in good times and in bad. I look at Noa Hamilton, and I see a woman with strength, vulnerability, and truth who inspires me to be a better person, to do more, to make an impact. I look at the relationships on this show with light and love, not the darkness and hate that is so prevalent in today’s society. We could all use more light and love in our lives. We could all use a season 2 of The Baker and the Beauty.



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