The Truth About The Baker and The Beauty

The Truth About The Baker and The Beauty

This show didn’t save my life.

This show didn’t save me from the horrors of a global pandemic.

It didn’t even help me when unemployment wasn’t enough.

You want to know what The Baker and the Beauty did?

It showed my family that we could be represented on television! That we weren’t second class citizens unworthy of being on a TV show. It showed my family what family really is, hope, love, hurt, emotion, stress, and everything in between. Just like our own.

My kids got to see a version of us as we watched some of the episodes together. My wife wept realizing that the Garcias were a lot like us.

Maybe this show didn’t save our lives, but it certainly enriched them. We are forever thankful and look forward to hearing about this show being saved. Whoever saves it, know you will have dedicated viewers forever.


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