The Balance is Perfect

The Balance is Perfect

With so many reality tv shows clogging up the airwaves, it is a breath of fresh air to discover a show like The Baker and The Beauty. The rom-com has a perfect balance of family and romance that draws the audience in. I was instantly smitten with the Garcia family and their bakery life.

The Garcia family is tight-knit and even with their fair share of fights, they always seem to remember the core of who they are. I loved watching them navigate through life together and need more of that on my screen. The 3 Garcia children remind me so much of my brothers and me. I know my brothers always have my back and it’s a special relationship that I cherish, and I love seeing that reflected in the Garcia siblings. I think there is a comfort in seeing your life within the characters on tv and so many people can do that with The Baker and The Beauty. I mean, I may never run into a world-famous supermodel in the bathroom at a restaurant and go on wild adventures but hey a girl can dream.

For 8 weeks, I had a show to look forward to. For 8 weeks, I knew there would be high quality entertainment for me to enjoy. I looked forward to each new episode. I was excited because the writing is phenomenal, the casting superb, the directing and cinematography drew me in. I learned about a different culture than mine, I wanted to try new dishes to bake, and I wanted to be a better human being. This show did that, this show has opened our eyes to a world many of us didn’t know existed.

Yes I may be a 30 something white female, but I can relate to the Garcia family. I understand what it means to chase love. These things are universal and if I am begging for more of this content on my TV, you better believe there are thousands more like me.

The diversity displayed in this show is direly needed right now. We need to be showing the stories that are often forgotten about and let viewers see themselves on tv. We live in a world that demands this. We are more culturally aware and our media needs to reflect this.

The fanbase is speaking loudly, we are banging our pots and pans and asking for more. The Baker and The Beauty is needed. I need it. Others need it. We can’t ignore the demand. Please understand that renewing The Baker and The Beauty will be a positive decision and you will be met with the roars of entire culture. Be the change that the world is demanding right now. Say yes to diversity and inclusion. Say yes to representation. Just say yes to The Baker and The Beauty.



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