Take a Chance (Like I Did)

Take a Chance (Like I Did)

I never even saw a promotion for this show. Late into the season, bored and searching for something to watch, I saw this small icon on Hulu for the show, it seemed cute and I clicked on it.

One episode turned into two, two turned into three, and before I knew I was binge-watching the entire season. The characters, the relationships, their problems were all just so incredibly relatable and that’s so hard to find in a show. I became hooked fast.

There are so many great relationships in the show that need we need to see more of. The passion between the parents, the sweet relationships between the siblings…its exactly what should be shown on TV right now. These characters are ROLE MODELS. Noa is exactly who I would want my daughters to look up to in real life. She’s amazing.

In a time where all we see are scripted reality and bad cheesy sitcoms, this show checks the boxes for so many things we need to see on TV.  Being married into a Puerto Rican/Cuban family, the Garcias are so familiar. They are our family on TV.  We need this show to remain.

Everyone deserves a show they can relate to and for myself and so many, this family is it. There is still so much of the story we need to hear, it would be a disgrace to us all to not be able to continue following it. Thus show is diverse, inclusive, real, and relevant. At 41, it’s not often we find a show that the entire family can watch, love, and learn from. We need more The Baker and the Beauty!


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