Straight to the Point…

Straight to the Point…

This show needs to continue. This is the best show on TV – Period!

The most amazing, engaging cast!
The writing for the show is excellent!

We need Seasons 2,3,4,5 and so on!!!


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  1. Neil says:

    ABC bad move not renewing this show especially when it was getting good. Reconsider cancelling it. This show has all the elements of a feel good story. Plus family values and navigation of interracial n lgbtq relations n even touched on bullying. But the show portrayed how these issues were being dealt with as a family. Plus a show that doesn’t portray people of other ethnicities as thugs, drug dealers and users, or weaker roles such as victims of assault (bullying issue notwithstanding) or servants. You have given shows with lesser fan bases more chances why not this? Any other networks l hope you are paying attention to these comments. Because this may be ABC’s loss and your future gain if ABC doesn’t smarten up. You’ll get a guaranteed fan base that can only expand.

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