Role Models of All Races

Role Models of All Races

Please continue making The Baker and the Beauty TV show!   This was a great TV show.

Great actors, actresses, and a great script!  Also, a great way to practice my Spanish!  This is not only about a tv show.  It is bigger than that.  We need diversity on television!  This is why the world is so closed-minded because there aren’t enough TV shows, movies, and media that show all kinds of ethnicities.  

When you only focus on your own race how can you see the beauty in others!  In 2020 we should be able to turn on the TV and learn about all different types of people!  

My children are biracial, White, and Hispanic.  I want them to grow up and see role models from all races and believe they can achieve anything regardless of their race. How can they believe this when media is so one-sided.


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