Need, Not Want a Season 2!

Need, Not Want a Season 2!

I wanted to share my little story and why The Baker and the Beauty needs to be saved by a network and get a season 2. This show literally helped me get through this pandemic.

I am engaged and currently trying to plan a wedding during all of this craziness. My fiancé and I are supposed to get married this September (not sure if it will still happen or not but we are hopeful). These last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for me and for most others I’m sure.

I watched The Baker and the Beauty from the first week to the last. I didn’t miss an episode. It is such a feel-good show and warmed my heart with every episode. I stopped stressing about the wedding and enjoyed that one hour of positivity, love, family, and hopefulness. This show is truly what the world needs right now. My fiancé and I would dedicate our Monday nights not focusing on the uncertainty of the world right now but our own little slice of happiness — which was that show.

I loved it so much I followed the cast on social media, watched their IG live interviews, followed their tweets, and even re-watched episodes multiple times. Not only is the show beautiful but so are the cast members. They are so positive, humble, and genuine. They reply back to fans’ comments and their love for each other and the show is not fake — it’s real. They put so much heart and soul into this show and are so proud of it (which they should be) and it shows! It’s heartwarming.

You don’t find this on network television much — or ever. Please give this show another chance and another season…not just for the fans, but for this amazing cast who deserve more time on the air. The show represents so much love that this bride-to-be here in Michigan needs and so much of the world needs right now!

From the heart of a true fan

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