Make The World Envious

Make The World Envious

To whom it may concern:

Too often when we see commercials or snippets of shows that may interest us and then we tune in, those shows disappoint. The Baker and the Beauty is an exception. By the end of the first episode I was already invested in each character because each character was unique. And I knew each of their names. The last time that happened for me was when I started watching This is Us.

How often do we find a show that crosses all barriers, age, race, ethnicities etc. in addition, it’s rare to find a show that makes us laugh and cry understand the difficulties of coming out to your parents. Like many other fans, we’re invested in this unique show from day one.

Then you throw into the dynamics a hot and sexy couple that makes you want to tune in the next week just to see what they’re gonna do, and what they’re gonna say.

If you picked up the show you would have such a huge and loyal fan base. And all the other networks and streaming services would be envious.

Please continue this journey.


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