Let’s Talk Numbers

Let’s Talk Numbers

For the past week or so you have been inundated with letters from fans, myself included, on why we so desperately want The Baker and The Beauty renewed for many more seasons. Some of the reasons probably included: Family, Fun, Inclusive, Sexy, Funny, Diversity, Loving.

Need I say more?

I am going to try another approach. One that isn’t about how wonderful this program is and what it brought to the millions of viewers who watched it during a difficult time in our country and found comfort.

I have read many articles or statements from prominent newspapers or reportings, ie New York Times, APNews, O Magazine, and from well known actors that were also confused why a well reviewed, beloved program was canceled.  

Then you throw in the online petition that is close to 150,000 signatures- which is unprecedented. You would think this would be enough to renew it in a snap.

I understand that ratings are important, but they were improving each week. Have you taken into consideration what they will be after this much needed and deserved attention

In addition, have you not only considered the Twitter and Instagram followers of the cast, but also of those who have shown support:

Twitter     Instagram
1.2 M        7.2  M      Zoe Saldana

5.3            5.9  M      Kerry Washington

7.0 M        7.9  M      Eva Longoria Baston

88.7 T      100  T       Luis Guzman  

These are the actors that I know of who have supported The Baker and The Beauty (there are probably more).

Have you thought of the fact that if only 20% of their online followers watched the show along with its already dedicated fans, the show would bring in over 5 million each week. And they will go up from there. Aren’t those the numbers you are looking for?

Please take all of the passionate letters into consideration and renew this beautiful, loving, exciting show.

Thank you.


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