It’s Ok to be Yourself

It’s Ok to be Yourself

To Whom It May Concern:

In a world where we are scared to leave our homes because of COVID 19, The Baker And The Beauty came at the perfect time. I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t usually watch rom-coms. I came to the show because it was created by one of my favorite creators, Dean Georgaris. It’s also why my mom first started watching the show. Dean’s shows always bring my mom and me together; for one hour a week, we sit down together and watch his shows.  

Now back to The Baker and The Beauty. I’m sure a lot people were like me, I won’t like it because it’s a rom-com. But this show is so much more than that. It’s about two different Latino families trying to make a good life for themselves. It’s rare to see a show where family comes first, and that was so refreshing. I love the individual story lines. Everyone gets their chance to shine and show the world why they’re special and why they matter.  

This world we live in isn’t just standing still because of the pandemic. We’re screaming out for diversity in everything we do, and this show has that in spades. 100% Latino cast, LGBTQIA characters, and all of them not the typical stereotype that you see on TV. It filled my heart with joy to see a family like mine on TV. We aren’t Latino, we’re Native American, and yet I related to the Garcias so much. A loving, strong and protective mother, a father who always supported our dreams, brothers and a sister who might bug each other but when it comes down to it they are always there for one another.

Natalie and Lewis are on two different levels in their journeys of coming out. I related to  that, too. Only four people know that I am apart of the LGBTQIA community, as well. And now the world knows that, too. I’m still in the process of figuring out who I am and this show and a few people who are a part of this community gave me the strength to tell the people closest to me about this part of me. I can’t thank the writers, actors, and crew enough for that. 

Please save this show because I’m sure there are more people out there that need to see that it’s ok to be yourself. 



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