It Was The Greatest Thing About Mondays

It Was The Greatest Thing About Mondays

I am not typically a huge fan of network television shows.   But I stumbled on the pilot for this show a few months ago and I fell in love with it!  Finally a show highlighting the Latino culture (in a very positive light), not to mention other relevant topics such as the struggles of small business, the pursuit of the American Dream, struggle and acceptance of sexual preference, and above all love.  

And, the parents in this show are amazing.  Their story is inspiring, and all the characters are so identifiable and likable.  Their struggles are real-life and their story is very relevant.  Finally, a show that emphasizes the good hearts of good people!  And honestly, who would have ever thought a supermodel could fall in love with a baker?  Anything is possible!  

After watching the first season I am 100% hooked on this show.  And wherever this show lands, I will follow!  By the way, I am a single white straight American male who supports more shows that emphasize the positive aspects of different cultures, sexual preferences, and socio-economic backgrounds and ambitions.  This show is a positive ray of light during a very dark time in not just American, but World History.  We need more shows like this one to spread the message of real-life struggle with love being at the core of their interactions with each other.  

We don’t need to always agree on everything, but we do need to learn to keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open to how we treat others.  This show sends the right message at a time when we need more of it!  Looking forward to season 2!!!  

San Jose, California

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