It Got Me Through

It Got Me Through

To Whom It May Concern:

I love the show “The Baker and the Beauty”.

The show is a joyous celebration of a Latinx family and their culture. It’s also  a fine representation of the  LGBTQ+ community. I live in NYC and the show represents my friends and my town.

I looked forward to watching the show every Monday night and live-tweeting with the cast. After the east coast airing was over, I would even stay up and live-tweet with the west coast. The show helped me get through the worst of the pandemic. It gave me something to look forward to. It brought me joy and it gave me hope.

I write romance novels, so I appreciate the wonderful writing. Each character and every story line has great depth. The actors are also incredibly talented. They are completely believable as a family and love interests.

I know production costs for scripted shows are high, but we need them. At least I do. I rarely watch reality television.

Please give serious consideration to saving this show and giving millions of fans something to look forward to. Thank you.



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