In a Class of its Own

In a Class of its Own

When you think about it, whether you watch a show on TV or computer they come from cable, streaming services, or satellite (which is what I have), we are inundated with a variety of programming, some good some bad, and some in a class of their own. The Baker and The Beauty is the later for me.

You can surf through the hundreds of channels available and see the same thing over and over;  dark, thoughtless, unwelcoming shows that leave us with nothing at the end of an hour. Why not be revolutionary in providing a program that appeals to all ages, genders, and ethnicities; that has a beautiful family dynamic at its center sprouting multiple relationships that are different and actually interesting. The audience can relate to the characters on this show and look forward to finding out what happens next in their lives.

I have never joined a fan club before, but most of all I have never campaigned to keep a television program on the air. In the past, if a program I really liked was canceled I would just brush it off and move on. This time it’s different, it just feels different. And I’m obviously not alone. There are thousands of “me’s” wondering why a beautiful, unique, loving show like The Baker and The Beauty would have been canceled in the first place. Don’t you realize what a gem it is!! Viewers deserve to see what happens next and believe me when I say you will not be disappointed by our passion.


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