Impact is Immeasurable

Impact is Immeasurable

The Baker and the Beauty despite seeming to be a fairy-tale when Daniel, the normal guys, crosses paths with insanely wealthy and famous beauty Noa. On the surface it wouldn’t seem realistic for many but with, exceptional writing, an electric and amazingly talented cast, the show’s focus on love and family has made characters very real and relatable.

In a time when television is so overly saturated with “reality” shows that are devoid of anything real, The Baker and the Beauty restores faith that it is possible to be incredibly entertained with positive representations of a Latino family. As a black woman, I fully understand the need for representation.

While I think there is still much room for improvement in the industry, I am grateful for the many movies and shows that have been produced over the years. The same should happen for our Latino communities.

The impact of having the Garcia family on network television dancing, laughing and loving there way into the homes of millions of people on is immeasurable.

Give the show time to continue building an audience, give the Latino community positive representation and give folks like me with romantic sappy hearts a chance to see what’s next for Noa & Daniel, Mari & Rafael, Natalie & Amy, Mateo & Vanessa and Lewis & Piper.


This show is special and deserves a chance.

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