If You Only Read One Letter…

If You Only Read One Letter…

To The World,  

My name is Rhonda and I need you know that as our lives were starting to come to a standstill and the hurt and sadness were engulfing us, there came something giving us HOPE! That HOPE came in the form of a diverse cast on the most inspiring show on network TV…The Baker and The Beauty.

My family and I didn’t know what to expect but we knew that for one hour our lives could focus on THIS show rather than the uncertainty due to COVID. We knew it would be a rom-com and which is our favorite genre but we didn’t expect more than that. Boy, did our expectants get shattered!

This show had such depth and complexity that you were engrossed from the first shot of the show.   Daniel’s smile lit up the room and we knew his legacy would be tied to the family bakery business. Then, there is Mateo who comes across as a jokester and screw up but has a heart of pure gold. Finally, Natalie, the little sister who wants to help the family to succeed but they see her success outside of the family business. The matriarch and patriarch, Mari & Rafael, are the glue that binds the Garcia Family together but their passion for each other is why this family is so special.

As we watched the first episode we felt like we were watching old friends talk about their daily lives and we were invested in their success.   When Noa Hamilton is introduced, we see her during the most vulnerable moment of her life, a breakup, yet she has to continue as people are judging her while they long to be her. Our hearts broke for her and we wanted her to be happy.

The story continues and more characters are introduced and you see their relationship with Daniel and Noa but all the time we felt and longed to see what happens next. When the first episode ended, we couldn’t wait for next week to come.

Our days were filled with loss because of what the pandemic took from us but on Monday, we got to root for this family. On Monday, we got to see diversity and love on so many levels.  

I could go on to tell you that my daughters and I got to a Latinx family thrive and embrace being American citizens while holding true to their Cuban heritage. We also got to see the LGBTQ community represented and it wasn’t a bashing session.

This show tackled issues facing our nation with such dignity and respect that should be applauded and allowed to tell many more stories over multiple seasons. When the show was cancelled my family felt like we had lost part of ourselves. I cried and I started tweeting about saving this show. I’m proud to watch this show with my daughters because it is family-friendly and it allows us to have real conversations afterwards.  

I have NEVER championed to save a show before but I have NEVER had a show that inspired our family like The Baker and The Beauty. This show had us hooked and we continue to re-watch the 8 episodes, we talk about with other people and suggest they watch because the quality of writing is extraordinary.

The location shots are phenomenal and the bonus part is that we got to travel to Puerto Rico without leaving our homes. I don’t like to beg but I’m begging that some network or streaming outline save this show. There is loyal following and we will embrace the new home that lands The Baker and The Beauty.

Diversity matters! Representation matters! In the era of cancel culture, wouldn’t it be great to embrace a show that reflects what our nation is! DIVERSE!   Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to express our love for The Baker and The Beauty! When you love something that is special, you fight for it. Well, we are fighting for the cast and crew of this show because they fought to bring to life this outstanding show.  

With Love,

Rhonda, Lori and Peyton Q  

6 Responses

  1. Andrea Sevilla says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote and described.

    • Lisa says:

      This is such an extraordinary show that sheds such positive light on Hispanics. From the writing, storylines and casts, this show symbolizes hope during a time of uncertainty. I am hopeful another network will pick up the show. Traveling with the Garcia Family on their journey was a breath of fresh air. ❤️

  2. Brunilda Reyes says:

    I felt the same way. It was a great show, all Latin shows don’t last long. Jane the Virgen lasted a few seasons, which was good. Grand Hotel, Latin, just one season now, The Baker and the Beauty. The writers was great, the spanglish ever better. I hope they are picked up.

  3. Melanie says:

    This is the best show ever! We all must save it! This letter says it all and helped us through the hardest times in our world!! Let’s do this!!! Melanie Bash

  4. Lisa Cataldi says:

    Your letter is inspired and hits all the points of authenticity that makes this show so special! I’m also bringing the petition link directly on my Insta&FB. Being a fellow North Carolinian transplant and a Latina originally from NY, I also see the vital importance of this show setting a precedent by sharing more authentic, cultural representation of Latinos who usually are invisible in our society and popular culture, or worse poorly represented. This distinction is really what sets
    this show apart from any other show that has preceded it.

  5. Richard Grippo says:

    The Baker and the Beauty is a show that embraces family, romance, comedy and real life situations. At 67 years young, It has been a long time since a show has had a emotional affect on not only on me but my son and even the grandkids. As I watched the show I would laugh then cry at times. The entire cast has been incredible. Also now I have a new TV crush on Nathalie Kelly.. Sorry Jordan. It is with great hope that the show is picked up by another network as I continue to rewatch the first season over and over not getting tired of it. ABC’s program manager just has no idea what they have given up.

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