How Many Reasons Do You Need?

How Many Reasons Do You Need?

Today when return on the TV programming is either dark and dreary or violent and bloody. So when I saw previews for The Baker and the Beauty I thought this could be a show I could watch. Little did I know what I was in store for.  

At the center it’s about family. The two main characters meet and eventually fall in love and have this flirtatious, sexy, hot relationship. With Daniel he knows how life is with the support of family, one that looks out for each other. Noa, we learn has been searching for that her life. So you throw that dynamic into the show and it brings it up a level.  

Then you throw in all the other characters who you instantly fall in love with. They’re funny, complicated, but most of all their loyal. By the end of the first episode you know all of their names and can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.

Too many shows nowadays you might like a character or story line, but with the Baker and the Beauty you like it all. Do you know how rare that is to find on TV nowadays? I do because I’ve been waiting and looking for it.  

There are so many reasons to love this show: acceptance to be who you are, diversity, hard working family that strives to reach for an American dream, fun, sexy, emotional. And don’t get me started on the fantastic music. Some of the music I have never heard of before but at the end of an episode I have downloaded songs to listen to.

Tell me one other show on TV or streaming services that has impacted so many viewers. You can’t. That’s what makes the show so special, the passionate fans.    


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