These Stories Need to be Told.

These Stories Need to be Told.

To the Powers That Be:

I am a dedicated TV fan, sometimes to the point where it’s become overwhelming by the availability of TV shows each night. With broadcast TV, cable, and streaming, it’s easy to find a new show that appeals to you. Now more than ever, TV shows have become an escape, a place where we can focus on beloved characters and their lives instead of our own.

On June 15th, ABC Network canceled The Baker and the Beauty. I was so disappointed.  I know many new shows never see a second season, but this show was special. This show featured an all Latinx cast and included a realistic LGBTQ storyline about a teenager coming out.

Why I Care About This Show:

While I love the modern fairytale of Daniel and Noa, and it’s what hooked me, the Garcia family is what kept me. They love loud, and they love unconditionally. I enjoyed seeing how they dealt with so much in their family, especially Natalie’s coming out. It was written slowly and realistically, hitting beats with her uncertainty, her family’s reactions, and defining a new LGBTQ relationship.

I have a soft spot for family shows. This show portrayed that family doesn’t always have to include blood ties. One of my favorite relationships was Lewis and Noa, and how he protected and nurtured her, more so than her own father. In essence, he was her real dad.

Representation matters. This is one of the few shows with an all Latinx cast, and it features Latin culture, complete with Latin dancing and singing. It also features multiple LGBTQ characters, including a young teenager just coming out and a gay man just starting to be comfortable with dating. These stories need to be told.

Fans Are Rallying:

I’m not the only one that feels this way.  I’ve met and rallied with other fans to save this show. Each of us has a personal reason and story why The Baker and the Beauty is so important to them.  The numbers are proof of that. Our petition hit 142,000 today. Social media has been flooded with posts. We’re loud and proud like the Garcias, and we’re not stopping until the show is renewed.

Laura Nowak
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