Get Up and Dance!

Get Up and Dance!

The Baker and The Beauty would be a refreshing change of positivity on TV at any time…

But in our world today, in such turmoil and fear, this has been the one hour of the week where we can breathe, smile, laugh and even get up and dance. 

The stories woven throughout this show are based in love at a time when our society needs it desperately.  It celebrates love of culture, diversity and family, all of which are and always should be interlocked. 

It is the ONLY place on TV to find “everyone” represented as their true, funny, human and perfectly imperfect selves!!  It reminds us to be FEARLESS and to “never be afraid to chase our dreams… it will make room for bigger dreams”

To lose this show, with this cast at this time, would be a tremendous loss.  #SaveTheBakerandTheBeauty.


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