Don’t Let the World Define Who You Are

Don’t Let the World Define Who You Are

As the world is at a complete standstill right now, it’s been hard on my family and I. As everyday brings its own and new challenges we continue to fight and persevere through it all.

The fight and perseverance didn’t come easily. We learned it from The Baker and The Beauty.

Not only did it teach us about perseverance, but love, and how it’s okay to be unsure of the future and how to just live life. How to go after what makes you happy even if no one else supports you. It wasn’t just about two people falling in love, it was about family, having each other’s back, and taking moments for ourselves to be happy.

I could go on and on about how this show has changed my life. I want to end on the major lesson I learned; don’t let the world define who you are because as soon as they do, you lose sight of who you are.

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