Author: Save Baker

Por Favor!

L♡VE THIS SH♡W!Fun, energetic, original, positive & heart-warming. And then there is la música, ay, ay, ay❗ PLEASE SAVE THIS GREAT SHOW! Is it a Trump anti Hispanic anti-minority thing?  GIVE TB&TB A CHANCE, POR FAVOR! Madeline

In a Class of its Own

When you think about it, whether you watch a show on TV or computer they come from cable, streaming services, or satellite (which is what I have), we are inundated with a variety of programming, some good some bad, and some in a class of their own. The Baker and The Beauty is the later…
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Need, Not Want a Season 2!

Hello,I wanted to share my little story and why The Baker and the Beauty needs to be saved by a network and get a season 2. This show literally helped me get through this pandemic. I am engaged and currently trying to plan a wedding during all of this craziness. My fiancé and I are…
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Need to be a Part of This

I’ve never written to a network, nor have participated on a Fan Page.  But now, it is totally different, I feel the need to do my best in order to get another season of this show.   For the first time, I see Latinxs represented truly to our reality.  Not only on the family values…
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You Won’t Be Sorry

This is the best show I’ve seen in a long time. It is a show that truly has it all: diverse cast, a warm loving family, great writing, production and wonderful actors. It is a show I looked forward to weekly and I know if someone takes this on for season two they will not…
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Celebrates Latino Culture

Please renew this wonderful show!  It is entertaining, funny and poignant at a time when it’s most needed!  It celebrates the Latino culture and demonstrates family, love, inclusion and typical struggles of today. Jennifer

Feel Good TV

I love this show. It’s light-hearted, funny, and warm. A nice family with many topics going on. No bad language, murder etc. We need this now more than ever… It makes me feel good and I really look forward to it. Ilene

To the Point

Please give us a season two! We need a good show; we have too much sadness and uncertainty right now. We need this! No one looks forward to Monday’s but when this show was on Monday’s everyone couldn’t wait till Monday! Please give it back to us! Jolee

Take a Chance (Like I Did)

I never even saw a promotion for this show. Late into the season, bored and searching for something to watch, I saw this small icon on Hulu for the show, it seemed cute and I clicked on it. One episode turned into two, two turned into three, and before I knew I was binge-watching the…
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Undivided Attention

I am saddened that ABC canceled this show. It’s been a really long time since I’ve fallen in love with a show and that’s exactly what happened after watching the first episode of The Baker and the Beauty! I looked forward to watching it every Monday night! Sure there are shows I enjoy watching but…
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It Was The Greatest Thing About Mondays

I am not typically a huge fan of network television shows.   But I stumbled on the pilot for this show a few months ago and I fell in love with it!  Finally a show highlighting the Latino culture (in a very positive light), not to mention other relevant topics such as the struggles of small…
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Be the Savior the Show Needs…

Hello! I am writing to express how important the recently canceled ABC show, The Baker and The Beauty is. Not only does this show represent the Latinx community, beautifully I might add, but it represents a minority that is largely not present on network television. You also have the LGBTQ community represented not once, but…
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Good, Clean Enjoyment!

This show needs to be on television!!   It has heart, culture and good clean enjoyment!!   Please, keep making and showing the show! Thanks,Karen

Role Models of All Races

Please continue making The Baker and the Beauty TV show!   This was a great TV show. Great actors, actresses, and a great script!  Also, a great way to practice my Spanish!  This is not only about a tv show.  It is bigger than that.  We need diversity on television!  This is why the world is…
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So Much Entertainment Value

Please don’t cancel this wonderful show about family, culture, real life, fun, dedication, family values, hard work… it has so much entertainment value for the whole family. It really makes me sad as a Latina that we don’t have more shows like these. Give us this one, please!! Thanks,Julie

It’s Ok to be Yourself

To Whom It May Concern: In a world where we are scared to leave our homes because of COVID 19, The Baker And The Beauty came at the perfect time. I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t usually watch rom-coms. I came to the show because it was created by one of my…
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Love, Not Hate

Please save this show! We need this now! This show supports Love, not Hate. Compassion, not Combat. Acceptance, not Protest!!We all want & need a feel-good show. One that shows the value of family & traditions!! Bring it back. Thanks,Darlene

Little Gem

Please save my favorite show!! The Baker and the Beauty is a wonderful show that deserves to stay on television!!! I found this little gem by accident and fell in love with the family. No more staged reality shows!! Save the Garcia’s! Thanks,MJ

Their Loss, Our Gain…

Please SaveTheBakerAndTheBeauty! Please, it’s such a great show. Netflix: please pick it up. It’s ABC’s loss. It was a great show… enough with the Bachelor… enough with those shows! We need a nice show to watch, a good show and that was a good show: The Baker and the Beauty! Thanks,Nancy

Hope Restored

A few weeks before everything in the world started to shut down I was going through a bad breakup. Unfortunately my work shut down and I was unemployed. Then, I started watching this show and helped with all this anxiety I had between the breakup and me being unemployed. I made me have hope that…
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Fresh, Sexy, and Lots of Laughter!

This show saved me through the difficult time of COVID 19! The Garcia family is the perfect example of one I can relate to! A Cuban family moving to Miami in search of a better life. The support that Rafael & Mari shared, is admirable! It reminded me of my childhood. It was lovely to see…
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Don’t Let the World Define Who You Are

As the world is at a complete standstill right now, it’s been hard on my family and I. As everyday brings its own and new challenges we continue to fight and persevere through it all. The fight and perseverance didn’t come easily. We learned it from The Baker and The Beauty. Not only did it teach…
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Bringing Joy

As others have said, during this time of crazy scary turmoil, this one show gave me something to wait for each week. Something to escape into, like gaining new friends or family that I didn’t want to be without. I couldn’t wait for the next episode and did not want the season to end, watching…
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A Piece of Home

Please do not get rid of the show. I love that it’s a cultural show, as a Hispanic, we don’t get very many of these that show the Hispanic and Cuban culture. Its a piece of home to some of us. Thank you, Yatsi

Warm, Welcoming, Wonderful

I have lived my entire life in Deep South Texas, 15 minutes from the Mexican Border. Growing up & even now (I’m in my 40’s) I have never seen an entire Latino family on prime time television. What a joy that warmed my heart – The Garcia’s, NOA, Lewis & everyone on the show made…
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