An Escape From Reality

An Escape From Reality


I saw the previews for this show. I watched it with my 5 year old. I erased the 1st episode from my DVR because I didn’t realize how much she would love it.

Not only does this show show the struggles of a Cuban Family living the American Dream, not only that but it shows the real life struggles of trying to run a small family owned business. Which is not an easy feat.

Meanwhile it touches on real life trials and tribulations. It’s an escape from reality with romance while really getting to see a real family. Not violence. Not Drugs.  A lot of family, and fun. It’s a shame that this show was not renewed. I hope that it finds a new home somewhere else.

As I said my 5 year old watches episodes every single day. It will be heartbreaking to tell her we can’t watch any new episodes.


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