A Bright Spot for Viewers to Escape

A Bright Spot for Viewers to Escape

Dear Studio Executives,

Please accept this letter in support of the efforts to #SavetheBakerandtheBeauty.

In early 2020, the world changed.  Life changed as we knew it and our world became what was only enclosed in our homes.  For most, the television and internet became the only window to the outside world, both good and bad!

One of the highlights for me and my family was “The Baker and the Beauty” on Monday evenings.  We were tired of DIY, home renovation, and cooking shows, but a scripted reality show was not appropriate.  Bedtimes were thrown aside as my daughters and I watched the show together.  We were introduced to the Garcia family, an average Cuban-American family, working hard for their dreams in Miami.  Multiple love stories unfolded over the 9 episodes, which gave me the opportunity to talk about fashion, teenage angst, cutting school, dating, LGBTQ+, family loyalty, and my daughter’s favorite – yes, parents still make out!!

As a married woman of 23 years and mother to two teenage girls and young son, I most appreciate the portrayal of Mari, Vanessa, Natalie, and Noa as strong, yet vulnerable women! Too many times, women who are confident, driven, and powerful are not celebrated or encouraged, rather portrayed as bitchy and hard to work with.  Adding the dimension of Latino ethnicity, also showed my Asian-American girls that regardless of how they look, working hard for their dreams matter most!

The romantic in me, who married her “Daniel”, loves that love is the central guiding virtue for each of the characters. Love takes many different forms:  post break up Daniel-Vanessa, Lewis-Noa, Mateo-Natalie, Daniel-Noa, Natalie-Amy, and Rafael-Mari.

“If there is one thing you must not do is to leave the words I LOVE You unheard because they were unsaid.” ~Mari Garcia~

As our country and world continue to navigate challenging times, “The Baker and the Beauty” can be a bright spot where viewers can escape for a well written and acted show.  Finding a new home for “The Baker and the Beauty” to celebrate its Latinx culture, LGBTQ+ characters, and confident women will add a quality program for many seasons!

I hope you will consider the fan reactions via petition, social media, and media outlets.  The support has been overwhelming!!  Ratings, although not outstanding, were steady and growing as the show entered its two-hour finale.  “The Baker and the Beauty” fans are out there, they just needed more than 9 episodes in 8 weeks to show it!!  Be the home to change what is viewed from scripted reality shows to programming which entertains AND portrays characters that have been severely underrepresented!  Be the leader so many viewers hope television can be!



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