A Tremendous Opportunity

A Tremendous Opportunity

Hi Network Execs –

My name is Jay, and I spend a fair amount of time covering the television world via a small media company I own.

Each year I watch as shows get their renewal or cancellation notices. Ratings tell part of the story, social media metrics help raise or decrease value, and the ugly side of the money behind production, advertising, streaming options, etc… It’s a tough decision you face each year. What brings the biggest bang for your buck – and how can you capitalize on the popularity of a show.


Have you considered capitalizing on something else? Look at the world we are currently in… Put aside the pandemic and look at all the various social issues that are crushing our nation and the world. Hatred, inequality, lack of diversity… It’s painful to watch.

You could be part of the solution. A savior of sorts. This show is well written, beautifully cast, and tells REAL stories of love, family, inclusion, and diversity. Why not grab a hold of it while it’s available – and show the world that you legitimately care about these issues and want the world to continue to see that these things matter.

Yes, it’s expensive. It’s a risky investment. But the ROI on saving this show is going to be a lot more than money – the impact on the Latinx community alone will pay dividends for years to come.

TV viewers don’t want the same procedurals or reality shows… They need the type of show that represents them and the power of love, diversity, and inclusion – and they need to know which network stands behind all of that.

Your time is now… Make the change the television industry – and the world – needs.

Best regards,


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