Month: July 2020

The Truth About The Baker and The Beauty

This show didn’t save my life. This show didn’t save me from the horrors of a global pandemic. It didn’t even help me when unemployment wasn’t enough. You want to know what The Baker and the Beauty did? It showed my family that we could be represented on television! That we weren’t second class citizens…
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Such A Blessing

This show was such a blessing to see a positive family that shows love understanding respect and togetherness this day in age in this crucial time of our lives. Please keep this show in existence, it has the family values that we grew up on from years ago and people of this day and age…
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Let’s Talk Numbers

For the past week or so you have been inundated with letters from fans, myself included, on why we so desperately want The Baker and The Beauty renewed for many more seasons. Some of the reasons probably included: Family, Fun, Inclusive, Sexy, Funny, Diversity, Loving. Need I say more? I am going to try another…
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Special To A Lot Of People

This show was very special to a lot of people. It’s very heart warming, family orientated, and educational. Tt showed how families used to be and by sticking together what a positive outcome was shown on national television. Please keep this show in existence! -Eric

Waiting For More

The Baker and the Beauty is a refreshing welcome distraction from the world events. A cast of characters each with personal goals and struggles living with support and encouragement from their family and friends. So rare to have a show that doesn’t focus on materialism and obsession on physical appearance. The optimism and inclusion spoke…
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When The News Was Too Intense…

Being over 60 years old, I have never done this before, try to save a tv show! This show was a great escape during quarantine, when the news was too intense to even watch anymore! This was well written ,funny ,intense and the characters all worked well in those roles!   Most of the actors…
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A Favourite…

Hi, I just wanted to express my disappointment to hear that ABC cancelled Beauty and the Baker. I truly looked forward to Monday nights because of this show. The cast is amazing, likeable and sassy and engaging. The story, it was fresh and witty and funny. This show became a favourite of mine after seeing…
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Why Wasn’t It Given A Chance?

#saveTheBakerandtheBeauty … it left us after 8 episodes, total lack of advertising and poor promotion, honestly it should be aired for at least 6 months to give us a chance to explore and learn more about this amazing Latina culture!! There are so many stories left to tell!! Great talented cast and writers!! They really…
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Please Please Please

*Editor’s Note: We try to post these “letters” when they’re submitted with more than one sentence… This next one isn’t filled with a lot of reasons why it should return, but we thought it shared what everyone is thinking/feeling.* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAVE THIS SHOW AND DONT EVER END IT PLEASE! -Cassie

It Can’t End This Way

Hi, This show is beautiful romance, and about family And how to work hard for a living. Wonderful actors and actresses. It needs to come back, it can’t end the way it did . Please please bring it back. -Nina

Good, Quality Television

This show has touched my heart and soul. It’s warm, family oriented, Romantic, dramatic, hopeful and comical. Why would anyone want to pick an overdone game show or retreaded hospital drama over a fresh family dramady? This show is what is missing from TV today. Please, please bring back good quality television. -F.J.

It Can’t End

It would be a real shame for the great show to end!   The Baker and the Beauty is a positive show we need right now when so much is negative  happening in the world.   My daughter and I bonded with this show during the quarantine.  It was something to look forward too.  Please…
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Learning About Culture

I love this show. Its about family. Non violent. Everyone has each other’s back. I love to learn about the culture. The writing is out of sight and the actors are fantastic. KEEP THIS SHOW! -Larry

Immediately Hooked

Unfortunately I did not start watching The Baker and the Beauty when it first aired.   I was looking for something to watch on Hulu and thought it looked cute.   I was immediately hooked. I watched the first 3 episodes on Hulu then couldn’t wait for the next episode to come out. -Mary

Something Rare

My husband and I started watching The Baker and the Beauty from the first show and were hooked. The characters have so much depth. I adore Natalie, my husband loves the parents. Rarely do you see the everyday life of small business owners and their struggles portrayed with such humanity. And, of course, seeing Latinx…
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Finally Represented

Growing up in West Texas in the seventies and early eighties we did not have shows like the Baker and the Beauty. We Latinos, I felt were not represented. The only time I saw a latino it was as a maid or gardner (which I believe are honorable professions because individually we made them that…
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Something I Can Relate To…

Since nothing is worth watching, this has been a “Breath of fresh air”. Great story and the great selection of cast. I feel that I am part of the family as I can relate to the Cuban culture even though my background is Lebanese. Love, love love it! -Liz

We Need To Smile

This show must be brought back. The cast is just amazing and the diversity is awesome. My mom who is 76 and I watch the show and she gets happy with the music cause it reminds her of days in PR.. This is her telenovela on primetime. Please bring it back and put a smile…
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This is a show that I was proud to watch ……. after a long Monday it was nice to see a show about a Hispanic/Cuban family in prime time that didn’t have a lot of violence ……… and to be fair I think that this show didn’t have a chance……. It was well written and…
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It Means So Much

With everything going on in the world this was a guilty pleasure of mine. I would watch this show and feel so happy. It would give so much happiness and laughter when you would watch. Being part of the LGBT having a show that would portray that meant a lot. Especially since I’m also a…
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You Can Watch With Anyone

I’m tired of seeing violent movies that I can’t even watch with my kid.   Finally, a great heartwarming family show… that doesn’t condone violence and what we need right now in the midst of chaos. Liz

Guilty Pleasure

This was one of the bright spots in my quarantine period! I couldn’t imagine a more juicy storyline and family oriented show. Each week I look forward to this sweet dessert of a show! Definitely pushing for another network to pick it up! Vicky

Needs a FAIR chance

The Baker and The Beauty is a fun diverse show that highlights Latinos and LGBTQ in such a beautiful loving way. It shows warm family moments, relationships filled with love, and great music. Baker wasn’t given a fair chance! Please reconsider and renew it! Or to other networks please pick up this fantastic show let…
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The Best There Is!

For once there is a decent show without violence and hate, a show I can watch. I love this show, the characters, the fabulous writers. It’s full of laughter, romance, strong family, good plot lines. I could hardly wait each week to see it. For the record, I am anglo, 70 year old female and…
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Family Affair

Please save this show!!! I watch it with my mom, daughter & my dad.  Love our family time we make to come together and watch it. Love that it’s about a Latino family & the dynamics of the show. Please keep it on!!!! Vanessa