Month: June 2020

Good, Clean Enjoyment!

This show needs to be on television!!   It has heart, culture and good clean enjoyment!!   Please, keep making and showing the show! Thanks,Karen

Role Models of All Races

Please continue making The Baker and the Beauty TV show!   This was a great TV show. Great actors, actresses, and a great script!  Also, a great way to practice my Spanish!  This is not only about a tv show.  It is bigger than that.  We need diversity on television!  This is why the world is…
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So Much Entertainment Value

Please don’t cancel this wonderful show about family, culture, real life, fun, dedication, family values, hard work… it has so much entertainment value for the whole family. It really makes me sad as a Latina that we don’t have more shows like these. Give us this one, please!! Thanks,Julie

It’s Ok to be Yourself

To Whom It May Concern: In a world where we are scared to leave our homes because of COVID 19, The Baker And The Beauty came at the perfect time. I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t usually watch rom-coms. I came to the show because it was created by one of my…
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Love, Not Hate

Please save this show! We need this now! This show supports Love, not Hate. Compassion, not Combat. Acceptance, not Protest!!We all want & need a feel-good show. One that shows the value of family & traditions!! Bring it back. Thanks,Darlene

Little Gem

Please save my favorite show!! The Baker and the Beauty is a wonderful show that deserves to stay on television!!! I found this little gem by accident and fell in love with the family. No more staged reality shows!! Save the Garcia’s! Thanks,MJ

Their Loss, Our Gain…

Please SaveTheBakerAndTheBeauty! Please, it’s such a great show. Netflix: please pick it up. It’s ABC’s loss. It was a great show… enough with the Bachelor… enough with those shows! We need a nice show to watch, a good show and that was a good show: The Baker and the Beauty! Thanks,Nancy

Hope Restored

A few weeks before everything in the world started to shut down I was going through a bad breakup. Unfortunately my work shut down and I was unemployed. Then, I started watching this show and helped with all this anxiety I had between the breakup and me being unemployed. I made me have hope that…
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Fresh, Sexy, and Lots of Laughter!

This show saved me through the difficult time of COVID 19! The Garcia family is the perfect example of one I can relate to! A Cuban family moving to Miami in search of a better life. The support that Rafael & Mari shared, is admirable! It reminded me of my childhood. It was lovely to see…
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Don’t Let the World Define Who You Are

As the world is at a complete standstill right now, it’s been hard on my family and I. As everyday brings its own and new challenges we continue to fight and persevere through it all. The fight and perseverance didn’t come easily. We learned it from The Baker and The Beauty. Not only did it teach…
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Bringing Joy

As others have said, during this time of crazy scary turmoil, this one show gave me something to wait for each week. Something to escape into, like gaining new friends or family that I didn’t want to be without. I couldn’t wait for the next episode and did not want the season to end, watching…
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A Piece of Home

Please do not get rid of the show. I love that it’s a cultural show, as a Hispanic, we don’t get very many of these that show the Hispanic and Cuban culture. Its a piece of home to some of us. Thank you, Yatsi

Warm, Welcoming, Wonderful

I have lived my entire life in Deep South Texas, 15 minutes from the Mexican Border. Growing up & even now (I’m in my 40’s) I have never seen an entire Latino family on prime time television. What a joy that warmed my heart – The Garcia’s, NOA, Lewis & everyone on the show made…
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A Family Needed This

Hello, While the world has been in turmoil during a global pandemic massive unemployment and social unrest, me and my family have done everything we can to stay afloat and keep a positive outlook on life. Certainly, that was no easy task, and everyday there would be further stress about something. Money, bills, potential sickness,…
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How Many Reasons Do You Need?

Today when return on the TV programming is either dark and dreary or violent and bloody. So when I saw previews for The Baker and the Beauty I thought this could be a show I could watch. Little did I know what I was in store for.   At the center it’s about family. The…
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So Much Charm

I love The Baker and the Beauty because it is unquestionably one of the sweetest sexiest most heartfelt romantic comedies I have ever seen! Nathalie Kelley brings a certain charm and appeal to her character Noa Hamilton, not to mention a certain semblance of warmth! This show must have a second season ❤️🧡 💛💚 💙…
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I need this show to continue being filmed and broadcast. I am Afro Latina and I barely see Latinos on tv, especially primetime. This show seamlessly covered a variety of topics that used to be taboo, like forgoing family duty, homosexuality, and even female roles in society. It was wholesome and didn’t make Latinos hypersexual.…
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We Fell In Love

This show helped us through the pandemic. My whole family absolutely loves it and looked forward to it each week! We would tape it and watch it when we could all do so together! The characters were so wonderful and we truly fell in love with each and every one of them! What an amazing…
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Gave Me Hope

I live in New York, in the height of the pandemic I caught my self having an a anxiety attack, thinking about how I could see my grandmother my family and even my daughter. Channeling surfing I stumbled upon this show. Boy did it give me hope and to learn you took it off sadden…
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Some Stories Need Telling

Dear Sirs, The Baker and the Beauty debuted at both an unfortunate time, when people were preoccupied with a Pandemic being broadcast on a 24/7 news cycle, but also at a time when people needed this beautiful story to be told. The casting is impeccable, that’s why this show works so well. A show is…
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Now, More Than Ever…

This TV show has been such a bright light during this pandemic. It was sweet, hilarious, heartwarming and genuine. Please someone pick it up we need to support diversity more than ever!!!! Please I love this show -Kim

Real Characters

This show is one of my FAVORITES! I couldn’t wait to watch every episode and was soooo saddened when I heard the show was cancelled. Boooo ABC! Out of all the shows you could have canceled, you picked this one. The cast did a wonderful job portraying their characters. They brought laughter and serious topics…
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A Show For Everyone

I LOVE this show.   Every week I couldn’t wait to see the next episode! Please ABC give this show time to develop, there is a need for diversity on TV. By the way I am African American and I was telling all my friends and family that ABC finally had a good show on…
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Lift Up The Country

At a time when the entire country needed a palette cleanser, a distraction from the ugly in the world, along came The Baker and the Beauty. Family, food, romance, acceptance, tradition and comedy. What does ABC do? They cut us off, they have made a huge mistake. Instead  we’re going to get yet another season…
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So Much Meaning

I have never been a part of any movement to save a show until now.  I don’t watch a lot of shows, I’m usually a food network, hallmark, news and HGTV kind of a person.  When one show gets cancel I just usually move on.   I have never felt so attached to any show…
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