ABC canceled a TV show focused on love, family, inclusion and diversity...

...but it's not over! Fans have ignited a campaign to save The Baker and The Beauty! You can help:


Some television shows have the same bland or boring writing. This show compels you to feel many different emotions.


A show with characters you can connect with. A cast that brings each one to life and you can’t help but love them all.


Family, love, drama, inclusion – this show has a little of everything AND it’s led by an amazing Latinx cast. Top that!


The Baker and The Beauty

Don’t let the network executives dictate everything you watch. There’s more than just the “same ol” procedural or reality show out there… Join the other 140,000+ people that have already signed the petition to save the show!


Fans write to the streaming networks:

Latest Letters

The streaming networks needed to see how some fans feel – so they’ve written some letters:

The Truth About The Baker and The Beauty

This show didn’t save my life. This show didn’t save me from the horrors of a global pandemic. It didn’t even help me when unemployment wasn’t enough. You want to[…]

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Such A Blessing

This show was such a blessing to see a positive family that shows love understanding respect and togetherness this day in age in this crucial time of our lives. Please[…]

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Let’s Talk Numbers

For the past week or so you have been inundated with letters from fans, myself included, on why we so desperately want The Baker and The Beauty renewed for many[…]

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